Multinomial Logistic Loss Layer


// Message that stores parameters shared by loss layers
message LossParameter {
  // If specified, ignore instances with the given label.
  optional int32 ignore_label = 1;
  // How to normalize the loss for loss layers that aggregate across batches,
  // spatial dimensions, or other dimensions.  Currently only implemented in
  // SoftmaxWithLoss and SigmoidCrossEntropyLoss layers.
  enum NormalizationMode {
    // Divide by the number of examples in the batch times spatial dimensions.
    // Outputs that receive the ignore label will NOT be ignored in computing
    // the normalization factor.
    FULL = 0;
    // Divide by the total number of output locations that do not take the
    // ignore_label.  If ignore_label is not set, this behaves like FULL.
    VALID = 1;
    // Divide by the batch size.
    BATCH_SIZE = 2;
    // Do not normalize the loss.
    NONE = 3;
  // For historical reasons, the default normalization for
  // SigmoidCrossEntropyLoss is BATCH_SIZE and *not* VALID.
  optional NormalizationMode normalization = 3 [default = VALID];
  // Deprecated.  Ignored if normalization is specified.  If normalization
  // is not specified, then setting this to false will be equivalent to
  // normalization = BATCH_SIZE to be consistent with previous behavior.
  optional bool normalize = 2;

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