ReLU / Rectified-Linear and Leaky-ReLU Layer

Given an input value x, The ReLU layer computes the output as x if x > 0 and negative_slope * x if x <= 0. When the negative slope parameter is not set, it is equivalent to the standard ReLU function of taking max(x, 0). It also supports in-place computation, meaning that the bottom and the top blob could be the same to preserve memory consumption.


  • Parameters (ReLUParameter relu_param)
    • Optional
      • negative_slope [default 0]: specifies whether to leak the negative part by multiplying it with the slope value rather than setting it to 0.
  • From ./src/caffe/proto/caffe.proto:
// Message that stores parameters used by ReLULayer
message ReLUParameter {
  // Allow non-zero slope for negative inputs to speed up optimization
  // Described in:
  // Maas, A. L., Hannun, A. Y., & Ng, A. Y. (2013). Rectifier nonlinearities
  // improve neural network acoustic models. In ICML Workshop on Deep Learning
  // for Audio, Speech, and Language Processing.
  optional float negative_slope = 1 [default = 0];
  enum Engine {
    DEFAULT = 0;
    CAFFE = 1;
    CUDNN = 2;
  optional Engine engine = 2 [default = DEFAULT];

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