Slice Layer

The Slice layer is a utility layer that slices an input layer to multiple output layers along a given dimension (currently num or channel only) with given slice indices.

  • Sample

    layer {
      name: "slicer_label"
      type: "Slice"
      bottom: "label"
      ## Example of label with a shape N x 3 x 1 x 1
      top: "label1"
      top: "label2"
      top: "label3"
      slice_param {
        axis: 1
        slice_point: 1
        slice_point: 2

axis indicates the target axis; slice_point indicates indexes in the selected dimension (the number of indices must be equal to the number of top blobs minus one).


message SliceParameter {
  // The axis along which to slice -- may be negative to index from the end
  // (e.g., -1 for the last axis).
  // By default, SliceLayer concatenates blobs along the "channels" axis (1).
  optional int32 axis = 3 [default = 1];
  repeated uint32 slice_point = 2;

  // DEPRECATED: alias for "axis" -- does not support negative indexing.
  optional uint32 slice_dim = 1 [default = 1];

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